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Thailand means ‘Land of the free’ but it’s also called: ‘The land of smiles’. Both names fit perfectly. The people are always cheerful, friendly and can’t have a conversation without a lot of smiles. An untamable feeling of freedom has protected them for colonization.

Situated in Southeast-Asia with Myanmar (Burma), Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia as its neighbors, this country is a political and cultural unity with a strong national feeling symbolized by the Thai people, the king and Buddhism.

The majority of Thais is Buddhist, which strongly reflected in the manner of life that’s characterized by respect and tolerance to others.
In despite of having lots of common sense, many Thais still believe in a wide range of good and bad ghosts. Hand reading and astrology play an important role in society too.  
That’s why a lot of Thais wear amulets which they believe protect them against evil, illnesses and other mishaps.

While western values and habits have an increasing influence on this country, the actual way of life has hardly changed. The population, round and about 64 million, is a mix of different ethnic groups. The Thais and the Laotians constitute the majority, whereas Indians, Chinese and Mons are the most important minorities.
Many colorful mountain people (Tribes) are living in the North, like the Akha, Yao, Meo, Lisu, Lahu, Lawa and Karen, each with their own culture and language.

Thailand is a sun-blessed dream come true, with magnificent temples, vivid markets, exotic jungles and tropical beaches.
Rainforests in the South and vast paddy fields in the Central Plains, together with an offshoot of the Himalaya range in the North, make this country a land of abundance and with an almost unbelievable richness in natural beauty.

All of this has led to Viengtravel’s decision to settle here in 1984.
In the course of its existence, Viengtravel’s research and client-feedback have led to an astronomic amount of valuable practical information about Thailand, which is of course at your disposal too.
So, don’t hesitate to contact us with any question you may have: we’ll happily answer them all! And do not forget to keep on sending us your comments on anything concerning Viengtravel or its tours. Even at our mature age, we’re still eager to learn…

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This original trek is being held in an area
that is part of the Loi Lar Mountain Range:
a territory that separates Burma and Thailand
from each other.

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