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Thailand has a wide variety of hotels

Thailand offers an enormous variety of accommodation. Anything from a few simple beach huts up to super deluxe 300 room’s hotels and resorts. The hotels that have been listed on this website have been critically selected by Viengtravel with the emphasis on the best possible value for money.

Apart from this limited selection, we have of course, on demand, a much more extensive database at our disposal –nearly all hotels and resorts in Thailand can be booked through Viengtravel. And at rates lower than you would get with a direct booking. All prices mentioned on this website are based on twin rooms and include breakfast, unless stated otherwise.

Especially during mass celebrations like Loy Kratong (November), Chinese New year (February), Songkran (April) and in general during high season (from November to March), we advise to make reservations as long in advance as you possibly can. During peak season (15 December – 15 January) it is even absolutely imperative to make reservations far in advance.

Central-Thailand 24 hotels.
North-Thailand 22 hotels.
South-Thailand 16 hotels.
East-Thailand 7 hotels.

Total number of hotels: 69.

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