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Found: 11 tours from Central-Thailand, sorted by length of the tour.

Siam Niramit Show & Dinnerbuffet

Siam Niramit (Siam - the Enchanted Kingdom) is a grandiose tour through Thai culture and history taking its audience back in time to mystical bygone eras.
Billed as a ‘World Class Spectacular Show’, this captivating 80-minute journey uncovers the history, customs and cultural treasures that have descended through centuries and which continue to fascinate Thailand’s visitors.

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Bangkok  ·  0.25 day  ·  (daily)  ·  0 Baht

Loy Nava Dinner Cruise

Enjoy a dinner on an antique rice barge while seeing the historical landmarks along the enchanting Chao Phraya river in Bangkok. Experience first-class Thai hospitality and delicious food from around Thailand in the comfort and tranquility of this luxury, open-air cruise.

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Bangkok  ·  0.25 day  ·  (daily)  ·  0 Baht

Ayutthaya Night Bike

Experience this unique journey by bicycle through the old capital of Siam and see the most amazing ruins in the city lit up at night !

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Ayutthaya  ·  0.25 day  ·  (daily)  ·  0 Baht

Baiyoke Sky Restaurant

Dining in one of the tallest buildings of Bangkok !

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Bangkok  ·  0.25 day  ·  (daily)  ·  0 Baht

The Amazing Cycle Tour

Just like with boats is in fact the only other way to experience ‘The Other Bangkok’ by bike.

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Bangkok  ·  0.5 day  ·  (daily)  ·  0 Baht

Thai Cooking Course

Cooking courses have gained popularity in recent years and many tourists visiting Thailand attend cooking courses offered by cooking schools. You will learn everything about the specific ingredients, herbs, spices and vegetables used in Thai cooking.
You too can amaze your friends back home after attending a course in Thai cuisine.

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Thailand  ·  0.5 day  ·  (daily)  ·  0 Baht

The Canals Of Bangkok

Bangkok has long been known as the Venice of the East - for good reason. Bangkok and its suburbs have more than 20,000 km of canals and rivers.

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Bangkok  ·  1 day  ·  (daily)  ·  0 Baht

Ayutthaya, Bang Pa In & River Cruise

The Dutch East India Trading Co. once described Ayutthaya as the most glorious city in Asia. In the 17th century, this city contained around 1,700 temples with more than 4,000 Buddha-statues.
In 1765, a 40,000-strong force of Burmese armies invaded the territories of Ayutthaya from the north and west. After many months of fighting, the city of Ayutthaya capitulated and was burned in 1767. The art treasures and the libraries containing its literature were almost totally destroyed, and the Burmese brought the Ayutthaya Kingdom to ruin.
The ruins still show how impressive this city must have been.

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Ayutthaya  ·  1 day  ·  (daily)  ·  0 Baht

Grand Palace & Canals of Bangkok

This full day tour brings you to the architectural highlight of Bangkok: the Grand Palace, with on its compounds probably Thailand’s most beautiful temple, the Wat Phra Kaew.
On top of that we’ll navigate the canals to the west of Bangkok using different kinds of boats and show you an aspect of Bangkok most tourists will miss.

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Bangkok  ·  1 day  ·  (daily)  ·  0 Baht

Temples of Bangkok

This tour brings you to 4 of the finest temples of Bangkok.
Wat Phra Kaew (Temple of the Emerald Buddha) which houses the most important Buddha statue of the country; Wat Pho with its highly revered giant Reclining Buddha; Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn) with its imposing prang (spire) over 70 meters high and Wat Benchamabophit which is famous for its elegant, white marble facade and Buddha images lining the cloister walls behind the main chapel. As an extra we will also visit the majestic Grand Palace of the King of Thailand.

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Bangkok  ·  1 day  ·  (daily)  ·  0 Baht

River Kwai

A very complete and varied tour, which passes through one of the most beautiful areas of Thailand, Kanchanaburi. This tour is suitable for everybody and a must for people who already planned to see the floating market and the Bridge over the River Kwai.
We will be travelling by minivan, train and boats.
Except for dinner on the second day, all meals are included.

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Bangkok  ·  3 days  ·  (daily)  ·  0 Baht

Central-Thailand 11 tours.
North-Thailand 13 tours.
South-Thailand 12 tours.
East-Thailand 5 tours.

Total number of tours: 41.

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