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Found: 12 tours from South-Thailand, sorted by length of the tour.

Scuba Diving

Diving in Thailand is a sensational experience. Aside from the beautiful tropical coral, the crystal clear water and exotic fish, the sea is always 25 degrees Celsius or more. What else could you wish for ? Even though diving is possible from different locations from the mainland, the islands provide perfectly suited spots to experience the relaxing and exciting nature of diving. Since diving has been a popular sport in Thailand for quite some time, every diving degree can be obtained; from beginners-courses to diving-instructor trainings, and from diving introductions to diving with nitrox - everything is possible. From 8 years old onwards it is possible to make the first steps into the world of diving.

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Thailand  ·   day  ·  (daily)  ·  0 Baht

Phuket FantaSea

The Phuket FantaSea Show is a family outing entertainment set on the tropical island of Phuket. It is the ultimate Las Vegas style show infusing Thai culture and mythology with magical illusions, special effects, aerial ballet, acrobatics, pyrotechnics and live animal performances featuring over 30 elephants !

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Phuket (Kamala)  ·  0.25 day  ·  (daily except th)  ·  0 Baht

Thai Cooking Course

Cooking courses have gained popularity in recent years and many tourists visiting Thailand attend cooking courses offered by cooking schools. You will learn everything about the specific ingredients, herbs, spices and vegetables used in Thai cooking.
You too can amaze your friends back home after attending a course in Thai cuisine.

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Thailand  ·  0.5 day  ·  (daily)  ·  0 Baht

John Gray Sea Canoe Dinner Trip

It has long been known that there are many magnificent caves in the around hundred of limestone islands in Phang Nga Bay.

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Phang Nga  ·  1 day  ·  (daily)  ·  0 Baht

James Bond Canoe 2 in 1

Phang Nga Nature Reserve offers unique views: Staggering limestone cliffs honey combed with mysterious hongs (caves) rise vertically from calm, olive waters. The bay is dotted with islands, both big and small, all worth seeing while cruising the bay. One of those islands is the famous but touristic James Bond Isle

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Phang Nga  ·  1 day  ·  (daily)  ·  0 Baht

Phi Phi Island

To Phi Phi Islands by Phi Phi Cruiser, with a sun-desk for those who want to sunbath and a built in cafeteria. For those who enjoy a day on the water, some snorkeling and tropical beaches, this tour is highly recommended.

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Phuket  ·  1 day  ·  (daily)  ·  0 Baht

Sea Canoe Phang Nga Bay

The strange and beautiful limestone scenery around Phang Nga Bay contains a secret world of karst mountains, caves, tunnels and interior lagoons - known locally as 'hongs' (which means 'rooms' in Thai).
These collapsed caverns, eroded by natural forces over millions of years, can only be entered by a sea canoe or kayak when the tide is just right, revealing a hidden and unique natural environment.
An exciting and ideal eco-tourist activity, sea canoeing provides the perfect way to explore this fascinating and scenic world of the mysterious 'hongs'.

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Phang Nga  ·  1 day  ·  (daily)  ·  2600 Baht

Paradise Beaches Of The South

The island Yao Yai is situated in the Andaman Sea in the southern part of Thailand that is scattered with many uninhabited rocky islands and small bays.
Of all popular islands in Thailand located in the bay of Phang Nga, Koh (means island) Yao Yai may very well be the most peaceful and authentic, and fit for travellers who are looking for the ultimate cabin on the beach. There are locals living on the island who, unlike on many other Thai islands, do not rely on tourism for their living.

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Phang Nga bay  ·  3 days  ·  (daily)  ·  0 Baht

Khao Sok Safari

This spectacular and unique tour is suitable for everyone who possesses a taste for adventure. Dripping rainforests covering majestic limestone mountains laced with sparkling streams and waterfalls.
Khao Sok National Park is part of the largest nature reserve in South Thailand.

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Surathani  ·  4 days  ·  (daily)  ·  0 Baht

White Beaches & Corals Of Koh Racha

A relaxing time on a tropical island, where few tourists go. This corner of heaven is blessed with pristine, snow-white beaches, fringed with coconut palms and surrounded with crystal-clear water. Koh Racha cannot be reached the whole year by a regular boat service from Phuket.

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Phuket  ·  4 days  ·  (daily)  ·  0 Baht

Island hopping at Trang archipelago

This exclusive Island Hopping Tour is a unique and exceptional way to explore the many islands off the Trang Province coast. Every tour is exclusively organized for the number of persons that asks for it -it’s always private.
There is no fixed time-schedule, no hurry, and there are no musts. There will be plenty of time for snorkeling, fishing, swimming, and sun-bathing, all mainly depending on your personal interests and wishes.
You will travel in your ‘own’, private traditional long tail boat with two local and highly experienced boatmen and an English speaking guide will be at your service. They will show and let you experience all aspects of typical island-life with its island-people in the Trang Archipelago.
The as many as 50 islands in the Trang Sea are not far from each other, but are very different in vegetation, culture and geography.

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Trang  ·  6 days  ·  (daily)  ·  0 Baht

Island hopping in the Gulf of Thailand

Thailand is famous for its beautiful islands with splendid white sandy beaches, palm trees and a clear blue sea.
The Gulf of Thailand is part of the South China Sea. Some important tourist destinations in the Gulf of Thailand are Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao (koh means island in Thai).
Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao are perfectly suitable to combine, so you can experience the atmosphere on these 3 different islands in just a short time.

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Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Koh Tao  ·  9 days  ·  (daily)  ·  0 Baht

Central-Thailand 11 tours.
North-Thailand 13 tours.
South-Thailand 12 tours.
East-Thailand 5 tours.

Total number of tours: 41.

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