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Experience our Thailand tours !

On these webpages you will find programs of day trips, multi-day tours and jungle treks that Viengtravel can arrange for you.
Viengtravel does not organize tours and day trips which include shopping or other outings you can easily arrange yourselves. If tours can easily be done on your own, we will only provide you with the necessary information and you’re on your way.
Our tours or day trips are made in such a way that they offer you added value. Otherwise the tour is useless.

If you have adventurous or special ideas about your vacation in Thailand, Viengtravel can in most cases fulfill your specific wishes on request.
These private and tailor-made tours are an important part of total travel arrangements. Trying to execute such plans on your own (if possible), mostly leads to a loss of time and money.
Only with the aid of a good and experienced guide will you get an insight into Thai culture and be able to fully appreciate all the wonderful things Thailand has to offer.

Even on our standard tours, Viengtravel travels in small groups, usually no more than 12 people. However, some of our trips do require a minimum of 4 participants. But with a small surcharge we can almost always start the tour with fewer participants.

Finally, we’d like to point out that all prices for multiple day tours, except for the jungle treks, are based on twin occupancy of hotel rooms. In case of single occupancy a small surcharge will therefore be applied.

Central-Thailand 11 tours.
North-Thailand 13 tours.
South-Thailand 12 tours.
East-Thailand 5 tours.

Total number of tours: 41.

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