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More freedom, with or without driver and stop wherever you wish

If you like the freedom of going where and when you want, a rental car, with or without driver, or motorcycle is a nice alternative. An international driver license is needed, as is wearing a helmet on a motorbike.
Exempt the helter-skelter of Bangkok traffic, riding in Thailand is far easier and relaxed, contrary to what many people think. The gain on freedom for sure is a advantage.
Another form of private transportation with driver is the taxi. Taxis come in all shapes and sizes, from real limousine services to metered taxis, the meter dictates the price. Tuk-tuk- and Rickshaw rides have to be negotiated before the journey starts.
In several cities, motorcycle taxis are a common way of quick transportation, especially for short distances. In Bangkok you find them on many corners of side streets (Soi) or at a boat landing for example. Those drivers that have a license are recognized by a colored tunic with a number on it. Some of them provide a helmet for the passenger. A pillion ride is another way of exploring life behind the mainstream.
Motorcycles with sidecars are still in use in the province.